Deep cold can cause havoc with building performance, especially water pipes! And, nothing will expose a buildings air barrier and insulation barrier flaws better than a polar vortex that delivers negative -10 temps. Bursting water pipes are a nightmare that can cause tremendous damage quickly.

Unfortunately  this was the case at Eastworks, in Easthampton, MA. last winter. They needed a solution before this winter and so they called their neighbor Foam USA. We inspected the roof top out-buildings where the water pipes burst and the issues were evident. The roof top buildings were minimally insulated with a compromised air barrier. Our solution was to install 2″ of closed cell spray foam throughout the entire envelope which we completed in the fall of 2018. The foam provided a continuous air barrier and R14 insulation value.

What was the outcome? Did the investment solve the problem you ask? Well the ultimate test of success just took place.  A polar vortex had no effect on the water pipes. Peace of mind for the owner of a massive commercial building.


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Access to the out-buildings was a stretch! All 300 feet of hose was needed, literally! Job well done team.

No polar vortex super cold wind penetrating now! Pipes warm and safe.