Insulate Right and Tight the First Time!

Geodome, Chesterfield, MA.  GC: Kent Hicks Construction – Summer 2018

Kent Hicks Construction project manager Bruce Clear called inquiring about the applications of closed cell spray foam. He was asking specifically about a new structure, a Geodome, where he is the construction supervisor. The primary concern and challenge was how best to insulate the slab. Conventional rigid foam board would be very difficult to conform to the perimeter trench footers, plus the various depressions needed for structural supports. My answer immediately to the dilemma was closed cell spray foam. Hands down the only option.

The foam will conform to all contours and hold tight to the stone substrate. Equally important, is the foam provides a complete seal: a monolithic, uniform insulation structure with no seams and no additional gas or vapor barrier required. The R value installed was a minimum of R30. The install went perfectly and the concrete contractor loved working on it versus standard blue board insulation! The pictures tell all.

Oh, lastly, the price difference between conventional foam board was thousands of dollars less. Sweet!
Contact us with questions and we’ll put you in touch with Bruce to hear for yourself.

Agawam, Massachusetts – Attic Roof Super-Insulated, Winter, 2018

Client’s second floor couldn’t stay warm enough, plus heating bill was high. Upon inspection, it became clear why. The attic space above was partially insulated and was not airtight. Solution? Insulate the entire roof deck with closed cell spray foam. Result? Warm at night, lower energy bill and a comfortable storage space. A very satisfied customer.

“We have already noticed a difference with the heat. The house is more consistent where there are not cold zones. The bedroom is warmer too. I notice the heat is not kicking on and off as it was before. Once the boiler reaches the temperature we have the thermostat set to, the temperature stays at that level for a longer period. I am interested in seeing how this plays out over the winter. I will let you know in the middle of the winter, but so far we are happy with the work.”  ~ S.W.

Kensington Ave, Northampton – Attic/Basement Rehab, Fall, 2017

Attic renovated into usable play space – R50 closed cell spray foam.
Basement foundation walls 4″ closed cell spray foam for maximum condensation and mold growth barrier. Closed cell installed Gaco OnePass.

“Mark Lantz and Foam USA did a wonderful job. Excellent clean up and detail. Basement is much warmer and the children will love the attic play space. Great and friendly crew. I was happy to have them in my home. Thank you so much!”  ~ Lenore, Northampton, MA

Cheshire, MA Residential Retrofit   Summer, 2017

Old meets new! 1800’s retrofit of plank framed building and new roof insulated with R50 closed cell spray foam.
The room ceiling joists filled with open cell spray foam for sound proofing and zonal heat control.


“We have been renovating a very big, very old house in the Berkshires for three years. In all that time, we have dealt with no one more professional, capable, and courteous than Mark Lantz and his team from Foam USA and Cozy Home. The house was difficult to insulate because of its age and the way it was built, but Mark took time and used his impressive knowledge to develop the best approach, down to the smallest detail. His team was clearly experienced. They worked efficiently and thoroughly, and left the house remarkably clean–considering what a mess the spray foam is in general. I would recommend Foam USA and Cozy Home to anyone.”
~ Alison – Cheshire, MA