Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

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Welcome General Contractors, Architects and Facility Managers!

Foam USA is dedicated to supporting you with all new construction, building retrofit and thermal boundary envelope upgrades. We can assist with the design of the thermal boundary and have the expertise to precisely install all types of spray foam insulation assemblies. We know the details required to achieve strict energy performance standards and to maximize your investment. Spray foam insulation installed right and tight the first time – Guaranteed.

Service Areas Include: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and limited sections of New York.

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commercial, industrial and residential buildings

Fairway Village: retrofit cathedral roof foam, R50

the most energy efficient insulation technology

Atkins Market: under slab insulation, R21 and vapor tight

high performance building envelope enclosures

Connecticut: steel roof deck and fire barrier coating

Live and work with great comfort, energy savings and long-term sustainability.

Park Mill 180: open cell sound proofing

commercial spray foam roof

Spray Foam for industrial applications

Roof foam insulation with coating

Commercial Spray Foam Services Include:

Open and Closed cell spray foam insulation –  Block wall injection foam (cmu) – Flat roof spray insulation/coating – Foundation spray foam –  Intumescent fire barrier coatings.

Additionally: We install mixed assemblies with either loose blown or dense pack cellulose and mineral wool batting.  We remove existing cellulose as well.   To verify integrity of thermal boundary offer Building Diagnostics: Infrared imaging and blower door envelope air-tightness testing.

Proven Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation:

  • R7″ allowing for maximum R-value in roof and wall construction
  • Provides a seamless, protective air barrier. Reduces drafts.
  • Restricts moisture transmission. Reduces condensation, dew point threshold.
  • Minimizes sound transmission.
  • Does not shrink, settle or compress. Excellent durability.
  • Promotes better indoor air quality
  • Reduces wind uplift. No fasteners, 100% adhesion and grip.
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Common Spray Foam Insulation Applications

Spray Foam Roofing (new and retrofit)

Elastomeric Protective Coatings

Refrigeration Units

Foundation Insulating/Sealing

Slab Insulating/Sealing

Steel Framed/Industrial

Attic/Roof Deck

Fire Barrier Coatings

Ducting Systems

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