Foam USA, LLC, of Easthampton, MA first inspected the Compound East roof at Parsons Hall (Holyoke, MA) in the winter of 2018. The roof had a frozen lake due to limited drainage and a roof slope that had become concave over the decades.

The owners could not afford a complete roof tear off/replacement but with foam we could phase the replacement a quarter at a time. This proved very beneficial for finances and allowed them to triage the area with the chronic leak at a manageable expense. The roof in its entirety will be completed this year, 2020, with a total price that is less than a conventional tear off. Another benefit with roof foam is that often the existing roof does not need to be entirely removed or even at all, just power washed and primed. The savings that come with not having to remove and dispose of old material is significant!

Gaco Roof Foam and Silicon Coating were the preferred materials chosen for this install. Gaco Roof Foam is a closed cell monolithic polyurethane which bonds to the substrate of any shape, size or slope of roof and becomes part of the structure. It is manufactured in a variety of densities to accommodate even the most unique roof designs. Gaco Roof Foam creates a seamless barrier which can be varied in thickness to create a positive slope to drain on flat roofs. The improved thermal efficiency of Gaco Roof Foam means it will pay for itself over the years.