Spray Foam Insulation Projects – Western Mass and Beyond

Spray Foam Insulation Projects – Western Mass and Beyond 2018-03-01T20:01:14+00:00

Insulate Right and Tight the First Time!

Commercial Projects

First Congregations Church, Amherst, MA   GC: DA Sullivan and Sons – Fall, 2017

Foam USA had another successful project with DA Sullivan & Sons, INC. We collaborated on the construction of an addition at the First Congregational Church in Amherst, MA. Project work-scopes included open cell spray foam on framed walls and closed cell foam on block step walls. In the ceiling flat 3″ closed cell was installed against the roof deck in order to achieve full vapor barrier control with remainder infilled with 8″ open cell. Total R = R53. One advantage with the use of the closed cell spray foam was it allowed for the tie-together of the original brick wall to the new concrete wall. A complete air barrier was established. If left to only to the mortar infill a continuous air barrier would not been achieved. Details matter.

Dwight St, Holyoke, MA  GC: Scott Reilly, Compound East – Summer, 2016

Un-insulated roof insulated with 3″, R21, closed cell spray foam (Gaco OnePass). An intumescent fire barrier coating applied over foam instead of sheetrock. Before and After

“Mark, I wanted to tell you what a fantastic job your guys are doing…truly amazing.  I absolutely love it.  Your guys are true professionals and I really appreciate that.  Thank you for the superior quality of work.  Let me know when you are free to give us a bid on one more ceiling space.  Thanks again.”  ~ Scott

Northampton Community Arts and Trust Building, Northampton, MA   GC: DA Sullivan and Sons – March 2016

Closed cell spray foam in perimeter of metal deck and girder wall assembly.

180 Pleasant St, Easthampton, MA  –  GC: Mike Michon – February 2016

Open cell spray foam (UTC) applied on ceiling for sound proofing for tenants above restaurant.

Residential Projects

Cheshire, MA Residential Retrofit   July, 2017

Old meets new! 1800’s retrofit of plank framed building and new roof insulated with R50 closed cell spray foam.
The room ceiling joists filled with open cell spray foam for sound proofing and zonal heat control.


“We have been renovating a very big, very old house in the Berkshires for three years. In all that time, we have dealt with no one more professional, capable, and courteous than Mark Lantz and his team from Foam USA and Cozy Home. The house was difficult to insulate because of its age and the way it was built, but Mark took time and used his impressive knowledge to develop the best approach, down to the smallest detail. His team was clearly experienced. They worked efficiently and thoroughly, and left the house remarkably clean–considering what a mess the spray foam is in general. I would recommend Foam USA and Cozy Home to anyone.”
~ Alison – Cheshire, MA

Fairway Village, Leeds, MA  Hampshire Property Management Group – 2015, 2016, 2017

Three year roof renovation project. Ice dam remediation.
Rafter slopes insulated with closed cell spray foam with 2″ gap left for ventilation channel.

Kensington Ave, Northampton – Attic/Basement Rehab, 2017

Attic renovated into usable play space – R50 closed cell spray foam.
Basement foundation walls 4″ closed cell spray foam for maximum condensation and mold growth barrier. Closed cell installed Gaco OnePass.

“Mark Lantz and Foam USA did a wonderful job. Excellent clean up and detail. Basement is much warmer and the children will love the attic play space. Great and friendly crew. I was happy to have them in my home. Thank you so much!”  ~ Lenore, Northampton, MA

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